Homosexual Unions

Charnjit Singh Bal

According to archeologists, anthropologists and evolutionists the humanoids evolved from and/or are genetically related to the animal species called primates such as Gorillas, apes, monkeys, chimpanzees et al. And recorded history, verbal traditions and contemporary human behavioral observations testify that humans are inherently heterosexual, familial and social beings. However consistent with the salient law of nature ‘exception to the rule/norm’ there have always been fringe human societal elements with anomalous homosexual sexual preferences.

The human ancestors founded the fundamental societal institutions of chaste heterosexual unions and family units based upon practical male and female sexual organ anatomical congruity, necessary sexual and reproductive functions, gender role model propriety and sustenance and security necessity. The world’s half-dozen major religions’ founders integrated the above criteria with the religiosity to promote chaste, moral and self-sufficient familial religious communities.

The Sikhism subscribes to the prevalent theory that the omniscient God created two distinct genders, male and female, with congruent sexual organs and anatomy conducive to reproductive function and assigned them two distinct irreversible roles of father and mother. To the male who is inherently endowed with physical prowess, the omniscient God assigned the role of provider and protector. And to the female, who by nature is gentle, passive, patient and caring, He assigned the role of the mother i.e. nurturing and house making.

From time immemorial the institution of traditional family-unit i.e. biological father, mother and their natural children has proved to be the near perfect model. Although the world wars, industrial, socio-cultural and sexual revolutions have rendered some of the non-essential gender roles optional but the inherent gender roles involving sexual organ congruity, reproductive anatomy and nurturing functions remain eternally irreversible. The homosexual familial unions can provide some of the basic necessities of family life but it is the heterosexual family-unit that is adequately equipped to provide all the basic necessities. Children deprived of natural parents', nurture, love, sense of security and belonging are much more likely to manifest anomalous traits later in life.

As they say 'monkey see monkey do' the children instinctively copy behavior and idiosyncrasies of parents, older siblings, peers and societal role models. To a Sikh child smoking is a religious taboo and social stigma, but to a Hindu, Muslim, Jewish or Christian child it is a norm. Logically homosexual or heterosexual familial/societal environment is a crucial factor in influencing a child’s concept of normal sexuality.

The Sikhism recognizing the basic human needs including sex and reproductive function professes and promotes matrimony of man and woman; chaste and monogamous, family institution and productive social life, but rejects celibacy or asceticism and condemns promiscuity whether heterosexual or homosexual. The majority of Sikhs consider that the institutions of heterosexual marriage and family-unit are adequately equipped to fulfill the human beings’ basic corporeal needs i.e. sustenance, shelter, sex, security and platonic love.

“I have studied the scriptures of the great religions, but I do not find elsewhere the same power of appeal to heart and mind as I find here in these volumes (Sikh scriptures). They are compact in spite of length and are a revelation of the human heart, varying from the most noble concept of God to the recognition and indeed insistence upon the practical needs of human body.” Pearl S. Buck, Noble laureate (Good Earth)

It is a law of nature that, ‘what goes up, comes down’ sooner or later. The societies, civilizations, nations and empires prosper for a period of time. The prosperity intrinsically kindles in majority of people an urge to indulge in various pleasures that lead to decadence. Not too long ago illicit drugs, adultery, fornication and homosexuality were considered socio-religious taboos and stigmas in all the civilized societies of the world. But drug culture and sexual revolution, perpetuated by the nineteen sixties Hippies, have gradually changed attitude of some elements of Western societies towards anomalous human behavior from condemnation to indifference to permissiveness. Consequently today the homosexuality issue is causing blustering controversies and schisms within the socio-religious communities and political camps of the western world.

The Sikhism does not subscribe to the conjectures of prophecy, clairvoyance and doomsday predictions. However it does profess that the man 'reaps what he sows'. Sooner or later he suffers repercussions when he doesn’t abide by or tampers with the laws of divine nature. The same goes for a society and civilization. According to Old Testament (Gen. 18. 19) the ancient cities of Sodom, (sodomy’s origin), and Gomorrah near Dead Sea were destroyed by God for the wickedness, vice and corruption of the inhabitants. There is biblical evidence that indicates that these cities existed, were destroyed and their sites now lie under Dead Sea.

“On judgment day God would be more sever with cities rejecting the Gospel than he had been with Sodom and Gomorrah” Jesus Christ (Matt. 10:15, 11:22-24)

As rest of the world emulates the overly permissive western world, this phenomenal change in sexual preferences and family unions is going to spread sooner or later across the cross section of the global community at large leading it onto the path of self-destruct. Hopefully the modern mankind with its superior intelligence will be able to break the past deleterious trend. Otherwise, what if tomorrow the depraved human elements want to legalize sadism, masochism, pedophilia, incest and bestiality?

Ironically, since numerous scientific health studies have attributed the higher risks of chronic/fatal infectious, viral and venereal diseases such as Aids, meningoencephlitis etc. to drug culture, homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexual promiscuity, it may sadly be nature's calamitous way of controlling bourgeoning human population and restoring balance in the earth's ecosystem.

Homosexuality Debate

Note: -Except for the formatting the Jasvir Singh’s E-mail is transcribed in verbatim text.

“I am an openly gay Keshdhari Sikh man who is in a long term relationship with another man. I am currently considering adopting children with my partner, and we are happily and monogamously attached. I would be grateful if you could explain to me how this would differ from a monogamous heterosexual family unit.”

"The comparison of homosexuality to beastiality is similar to the intolerance suffered by the Sikhs during the late Mughal period in India. By denying the existence of a valid and undeniable section of a community, you are doing little to progress the work initiated by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in his proselytisation of equality amongst all. Homosexuality has always existed within the Sikh community, with Maharaja Ranjit Singh being one such individual with male concubines."

"Regarding family units, these are evolving in modern life. There are numerous single parent families of Sikh origin that are having to cope without either a male or female role model, and yet the children grow up to be functioning individuals within the Sikh community. Does your description of the family unit denigrate them as well?"

"You seem to have considered this viewpoint of homosexuality from a personal perspective rather than a 'Sikh' perspective. Although I cannot change your personal viewpoint, I would be grateful if you did not refer to this as being a Sikh viewpoint. You have also failed to mention the fact that homosexual marriages are theoretically possible within Sikhism, that marriage is between the female entity of the souls of the couple with the male entity of the Almighty. I look forward to the day that a gay marriage takes place within the confines of a gurdwara. It may be a century before such a likelihood occurs, but I believe it will prove a turning point in Sikhism with hundreds of thousands non Sikhs in the Western World becoming attracted to the religion and the teachings of our ten gurus."

My Response: -

I am not comparing homosexuality to bestiality I am merely suggesting the probability of portentous progression/regression in anomalous sexual preferences and family unit definition. And your comparison of intolerance suffered by Sikhs during Mogul period to homosexuality or bestiality is rather contextually abstruse. And it is inconsequential whether I deny the existence of any valid or undeniable section of community or homosexuality within Sikh community. Whether the alleged homosexual section is valid and undeniable section of Sikh community has to be adjudged with Gurbani’s touchstone. Although I have heard and read that Maharaja Ranjit Singh was sexually promiscuous, that he was homosexual, is news to me.

My description of the family unit does not denigrate any Sikh or un-Sikh family unit that has to cope without male or female role model because of misfortune, compulsion or choice. In fact I empathize with the children who have to grow up without male (natural father) and/or female (natural mother) role model.

I am expressing my personal viewpoint about the Sikh perspective on homosexuality, just as you are. God gave us the intellect to draw our own inferences from whatever information our sensory faculties feed us. The Sikhism's concept of celestial marriage between immortal soul and the primal soul is a metaphor and the marriage between mortal physical bodies that divinity endowed with congruous anatomies for sexual and reproductive functions is corporeal union. Two are totally different.

I am sorry if you interpret the essence of my article on Homosexual Marriages, a hot issue that is causing fierce controversy and schisms in the western social and religious communities, as an attempt to exclude homosexuals from Sikhism. I am merely proffering my conception of the Sikhism's concepts of traditional sexuality and family unit that is fully equipped to provide all basic human needs i.e. sustenance, shelter, sex, reproduction, security and platonic love.

It has never been my intent to promote exclusion, because I believe universal Sikhism was founded on all inclusiveness, irrespective of caste, creed, color, race, gender, occupation or social status. And as I understand it there are three entities in Sikhism, Sikh, Guru and God. The Guru is the sole intermediary that facilitates reunion of a Sikh and the God. No Sikh Guru ever excluded anybody nor there is an exclusionary clause in Sikh creed. How can I or anyone else break up the truly pious relationship between a Sikh, Guru and/or God?

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